I-Hatch Ventures has 2 primary practice areas

Mobile/wireless/Internet of Things

Wireless, Mobile, and Cellular Technologies including infrastructure, software and applications 

broadband digital convergence/web 2.0

New Media and Video Technologies

MOBILE/WIRELESS/Internet of things

Wireless, Mobile, and Cellular Technologies including infrastructure, software and applications

Salsa Wireless

(acquired by Total Beauty Media)
(acquired by MobileAware)
(IPO, then acquired by Real)
(acquired by Comscore)
(acquired by Real)
(acquired by Clear Channel/iHeartRadio)
(acquired by Forside)

A Broadband Digital Convergence/web 2.0

New Media and Video Technologies



(acquired by PixelWorks)
(acquired by Blackberry)
(acquired by NetSuite)


Mobile Sector Investments


Gimbal was originally incubated as part of Qualcomm, Gimbal is now an independent company providing the leading mobile engagement platform for use by brands, retailers, advertisers, venues and out-of-home (OOH) networks. Focused on maintaining the highest standards of quality for every component of our platform and continuing the innovation to create the best digital-to-physical bridge.

Reaxion is a market-leading mobile game publisher who develops games that are always connected, community-based, and fun to play. Every day, thousands of active mobile gamers use Reaxion's community platform, Gamarama, to connect to other gamers, compare high-scores and find new fun things to do with their phone. Using its own community-based technology and expert in-house developers, Reaxion has successfully taken Paramount, Warner Music Group, and Nickelodeon's licensed content to the mobile market. Reaxion's integrated licensing and marketing approach seamlessly unites fans with their favorite brands and mobile communities. Its own successful self-published titles include Minigolf 2, Mahjong Deluxe, and Solitaire Top 12 Multipack. 


Realized Mobile Investments

Thumbplay was acquired by Clear Channel Radio (OTCBB:CCMO)

Vindigo was acquired by For-Side (NASDAQ: 2330)

WiderThan went public on the Nasdaq and was subsequently acquired by Real Networks (NASDAQ RNWK)

M*Metrics was acquired by comScor (NASDAQ: SCOR)

Ztango was acquired by WiderThan in October 2004

Salsa was acquired by BroadBeam Corporation

LimeLife was acquired by Total Beauty

Broadband/Web 2.0 Sector Investments


AtHoc provides enterprise-class, network-centric alerting systems for emergency notifications, force protection readiness, anti-terror warnings and critical communications. AtHoc offers a broad set of alerting solutions for the government/defense agencies and commercial enterprises, including IWSAlerts™ for Network-Centric Emergency Notifications; C2Alerts™ for Targeted User Alerts in Command & Control / C4I Operations Center; KMAlerts™ for Knowledge and Intelligence Dissemination; and EmployeeAlerts™ for Corporate Emergency Communications. AtHoc has partnered with Microsoft, Northrop Grumman and IBM to bring these notifications solutions to the enterprise market. Customers inclue The U.S. Strategic Command, U.S. Air Force, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Boeing, eBay and Juniper Networks

SkyAuction.com is a direct-to-consumer travel auction website. The founders of SkyAuction have over twenty-five years of experience in the travel industry both creating and managing a wide range of business all engaged in the sale and delivery of travel, tours and transportation services. 



Equator was acquired by PixelWorks (Nasdaq:PXLW)

OpenAir was acquired by NetSuite (NYSE: N)


Representative companies from our first fund

AsiaNet was acquired by Littauer (KOSDAQ: 20860)

DealPilot was acquired by Shopping.com.

Dotcast was acquired by Disney.

eAgents was acquired by AmericanGreetings.com, the interactive and mobile subsidiary of American Greetings Corporation (NYSE: AM)

IT-radar was acquired by TechRepublic, an independent subsidiary of Gartner Group, Inc. (NYSE: IT and ITB)

Provide Commerce went public on (NASDAQ: PVRD) and was subsequently acquired by Liberty Media.